I love exploring soul care and how to tangibly live an everyday life of prayer. While pursuing my Master of Pastoral Studies I have a flexible schedule so let’s connect about customizing one of the following three experiences for your needs or creating something new!


Speaking & Workshops

Potential topics:

  • spiritual formation for every personality

  • how to listen to God’s voice

  • how to build a prayer toolkit

  • gospel contemplation

  • contemplative prayer: lectio divina, examen, centering prayer and more

  • hands-on prayer stations

  • soul care & nature

  • emotions and our spiritual journey

  • plug into God with prayer (aimed at youth)

  • spiritual life rhythms

  • enneagram and the Gospel


Pilgrimage Circles

A pilgrimage is an intentional spiritual journey to “holy ground.”

In a Pilgrimage Circle, we acknowledge that holy ground exists when we are lovingly present with each other and authentically seeking God.

Through spacious listening and reflection, along with guided prayer practices, we hold space for each other to notice and nurture the presence of God in our stories.

These gatherings are gentle and slow, providing breathing space for our souls in our busy and distracted world.

I am currently compiling an interest list for a mid-2019 start for a Pilgrimage Circle that will gather once a month in Calgary for 3 hours. Click below to indicate interest and let me know if you would like to be added to the email updates.

Although my faith background is Christian, participants from any background are welcome.


Stretch Prayer

Because God made us mind, body and spirit, I believe that we are invited to connect with God with our whole selves. Let’s gently explore how to embrace the role of our bodies in prayer.

Stretch prayer is an interactive, meditative prayer practice that guides us to notice and nurture our connection with God by bringing compassion and awareness to our bodies. Each participant needs an exercise mat, light blanket and comfortable clothing suitable for simple stretching exercises.

Stretch prayer is available for individuals or groups. I have worked with groups of up to 20 people but the room size is usually the limiting factor.

This unique offering is best explained through conversation. Please connect if you would like to learn more.

Loved it! Never experienced anything like this before. It felt so restful. It was so nice to just be still and unrushed before God.
— Stretch Prayer Participant
I was so encouraged tonight because of what happened in my daughter through your teaching....She said it helped her know how she might learn to hear God’s voice. She said she could never really “hear” Him before, but this opened her perspective to see how God can use imagery to speak to us as well. So this was such a wonderful night for her! Thanks so much for providing the opportunity for her to open up her spirit to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It is so amazing!!
— Parent feedback after a youth group workshop

Note: I would never want finances to be a barrier. If this is a concern for you, I am happy to have a conversation about how we can make it work.