You know how friends in a close-knit group each have "roles" they tend to play? The planner, the encourager, the joker...well I am the nerdy researcher. I love it when my friends ask me for insight on pretty much anything, because I have often already researched it. And if I haven't, I will promptly do so and get back to them with a full report. 

So here's your chance....send me your faith and spirituality topic requests and let's start a conversation!


My favorite thing to do is to host retreats/workshops. Some topics I have visited in the past include: body prayer (stretching and Christian meditation), interactive prayer stations, nature encounters, and how to listen to God's voice. I love equipping people with tangible practices and lots of space for meaningful encounters with God, whether individually or in a group setting. Message me for more info or just to say hi! 

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