3 Ways to Live Open-Hearted Amidst Information Overload



We live in curious times, don’t we? On a timeline of human history, the digital age is in its infancy, and we are still adjusting to the fact that media outlets, publishing houses and societal institutions are no longer the sole gateways for large scale publication and distribution of information. Power, prestige, and wealth are no longer prerequisites for wide dissemination. Now something can go viral (for free!) at the click of a button. (And don’t we all shake our heads at some of the things that do...)  

We still don’t really know how to manage this way of living. It can all seem pretty overwhelming at times. Where do we start?

First off, let’s start with living out of love, not fear. I don’t have to be afraid to have a conversation with someone new or about an unfamiliar topic because:

  1. Many, many of us are smart, capable, well-intentioned people.

  2. I don’t have to agree with all of what you have to say to agree with part of what you say.

  3. I don’t have to agree with anything you have to say to respect you and wish you well.

Secondly, let’s communicate clearly and intentionally. Let’s think before we write. If I’m not sure about a post, I’ll run it by my discerning husband or sleep on it before I press “send.” If I am using a potentially ambiguous term I will provide a clarifying definition (i.e. “mystic”).

Thirdly, let’s be diligent to seek information outside of our own bubbles or echo chambers. I have a long way to go in this, but I am starting by listening to an occasional podcast or reading a book that doesn’t fall within my typical stream of intake.

What practices do you use to wade through the information overload?

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